Let’s assume you are completely new and inexperienced with finances, market trading and particularly with binary options trading. But you’ve heard a lot about this trading method and its rising popularity and read many testimonials from various users claiming they truly increase their monthly income via trading binary options. You have decided to give a shot and boost your bank account a little bit.

After stepping into the field, you came across tons of information, advice and dozens of application and broker companies offering their similar services. Each of them advertises in pretty glittering manner claiming they should be your first choice for investment. It’s getting pretty hard to distinguish reputable and trustworthy trading platforms from shiny scams and unprofessional companies.

To evaluate adequately, you should know what to look for and what criteria to review.

What makes a good binary options trading platform?

The underlying system of binary options trading is based on analyzing fluctuations of the prices of various assets at the market and predicting their future trends. It’s called binary because the final decision user should make narrowed down to choosing one of two options. If the user expects the certain price to increase, he should place “Call” option. If predictions suggest that price will decline, the user should place “Put” option. For every correct prediction, there comes a certain percent of profit according to the amount of invested money. Most trading platforms nowadays consist of binary options robot interface and the website of the associated broker company. The software generates the signals and brokers account executes the transactions.

The trading platforms offer various returning percentage, show various success rates, offer different types of account featuring a wide collection of services, require various starting deposits and finally, have different interfaces and customer services. These are just some of the aspect you should review when choosing a trading platform for yourself. Above all of that, the highly professional broker is what makes all the difference.

New kid on the block

Recently, new trading platform emerged and drew a lot of attention among traders. Fintech LTD is trusted binary options software is guaranteeing high returns and quick profit for all regular users. QC System works as a signal generator, allowing the user to adjust trading setting manually or to apply auto trade option. Opposite to many other binary options trading systems, this software uses a greater variety of methods and finance strategies to spot the winning opportunity and execute the trade before every other investor. The trading platform is relatively new, so the results are not as representative as they should be, but average success rate so far reaches 85% per day. This is pretty high, but not impossible since no one promises fake amount of 100%.

Start trading an hour after finishing this article

It usually takes less than an hour to provide all the required data, create an account and make starting deposit of 250 dollars. Once you have completed that procedure, you are ready to test your trading skills and no further charges or unexpected fees will show up along the way.